Sterling Alternative Finance


We at Sterling Alternative Finance believe that everyone should have a viable and credible alternative to the conventional banking model. We commenced operation in January 2014 following the granting of Sterling Bank’s license to offer non-interest banking (NIB) services as a window by the Central Bank of Nigeria

We are dedicated to ensuring adherence to Non-Interest Banking principles through the appointment of an Advisory Committee of Experts (ACE).

Our solutions are borne out of a detailed customer value architecture where we create specific offers to assist with your financial needs. They include:

AltMall: an e-commerce platform that enables customers to buy now and pay later with no deposit required.

AltPay: our Mobile and Internet Banking Platform giving an omnichannel experience on a user-friendly platform.

Hajj Savings Plan: giving customers the ability to choose the year they want to perform Hajj and save towards it at their convenience – weekly or monthly.

Home Finance: creating opportunities for home ownership irrespective of level income strata with Rent-to-own or Lease Finance Options.

At Alternative Finance, there are no customers, just partners.